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Chiropractor Laguna Hills CA Scott Hansen


Dr. Scott Hansen provides chiropractic care with clinical excellence, in Laguna Hills.  Our team is here to help.


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Chiropractor Laguna Hills CA

Precision Spinal Care is a family practice that provides natural health care using the NUCCA technique of chiropractic. Our goal is to help each member of your family to thrive. Our Laguna Hills chiropractor offers a gentle and precise form of chiropractic that can benefit every member of your family, from infants to great-grandparents.

What Is NUCCA Chiropractic?
NUCCA chiropractic involves precision x-rays that reveal misalignments of the upper cervical spine down to 100ths of a degree. We then provide customized, gentle adjustments that do not involve any of the popping, twisting, or cracking associated with general chiropractic.

Personalized, Compassionate Health Care

From the moment Dr. Hansen enters the room, you can tell this isn’t going to be your usual doctor/patient experience. If you are looking for health care without the rushed atmosphere, where you can tell your whole story and get personalized attention, then Precision Spinal Care is for you.

Practice Location – Your Laguna Hills NUCCA Chiropractor

Precision Spine Care is located in Laguna Hills, California. We also see many patients from Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, and other surrounding neighborhoods.

Reach Your Health Care Goals

The initial visit is your opportunity to ask Dr. Hansen questions about NUCCA. You’ll also find out if NUCCA is a good way to meet your health care goals. We’re not afraid to suggest something else if what we do isn’t the right fit for you. However, we’re happy to say that upper cervical chiropractic care has benefits for any people, whether you are dealing with neck or back pain, have suffered a head or neck injury, or simply want to improve your overall health and quality of life.

Start Down the Road to Better Health Today

To learn more, give us a call at (949) 215-4349. Do you know some who you think would benefit from upper cervical chiropractic? We’re happy to take referrals. Just share a link to our website with your friends via email or social media (the links to our social accounts are in the site header).

Conditions We See Great Results With: