Neck Pain in Laguna Hills

Are you consistently complaining about your unending neck issues on social media—sounding like an old man? You’re probably wondering why you are getting neck pain much quicker and more often. Our neck pain chiropractor in Laguna Hills couldn’t agree more that people have become more prone to neckache because of excessive tech usage. Let’s look into the everyday things in your routine and lifestyle that are likely hurting your neck.

5 Causes of Neck Pain in Laguna Hills

1. Terrible Posture

There’s no doubt that technology is one of men’s greatest inventions. It makes life so much easier. We can control things with just a few clicks, swipes, and taps. Technology helps us connect with people from different corners of the world through the power of the internet. But as gadgets continue to advance, so do neck conditions.

Our “smart” lifestyle is not so smart for our necks and other body parts, such as our backs and eyes. People are becoming slaves of their phones and computers—spending more time on them than they should while using terrible posture.
This is not a neck-friendly habit. It is extremely bad for the neck to stay in one position for a prolonged period, such as looking down too long on your phone. No wonder many people are seeking a neck pain chiropractor in Laguna Hills for help.

Minimizing your screen time is one of the best ways to have a healthier neck. However, if your work requires you to use your gadgets for a prolonged period, be sure to hold or put them in a position that won’t strain your neck. For example, you may purchase a stand for your laptop or computer—one that may help you see them at eye level.

#2 Video Games

Aside from social media, video games have become a staple in the lives of many. Some love to play games, while others like to watch and consume gaming content. Physical games such as tennis, basketball, and football cause pain and soreness in the body due to repetitive actions. Video gaming is no different. With the rising population of video gamers, our neck pain chiropractor in Laguna Hills also attends to more neck pain sufferers.

Prolonged periods of playing video games can potentially damage significant areas in the neck. Leaning the head forward is the most common head position while gaming. This head position places extra pressure on the neck, thereby increasing the risk of upper neck misalignments and inflammation of the neck's nerves, muscles, and ligaments.

#3 Unhealthy Diet

In order to save time and post cute Instagrammable food photos, many people resort to fast foods. From coffee shops offering bitter-sweet lattes to discounted burgers and French fries—there’s a whole world of junk foods that can give you temporary comfort.

We are eating unhealthy meals that are causing us to become unfit. These junk meals lack the vital nutrition that our bones need daily. Lack of calcium, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients can weaken neck bones, causing neck aches and neck strains.

#4 Wrong Workout Form

The rising popularity of workout videos on YouTube encourages us to exercise and improve our physical fitness. These workouts can help you feel good about your body.

However, the wrong execution of certain workout moves involving your neck muscles may result in unwanted neck pain. Neck pain can also stem from an injury caused by overexertion of the neck during exercise.

Gentle stretches after each workout session may help relieve neck pain and stiffness. Stretching your neck muscles can also help reduce the pressure in your neck and shoulder area. Therefore, it can help decrease your chances of developing upper neck misalignment.

#5 Stress and Fatigue

Are you feeling round-the-clock tiredness? This could indicate that you are running on empty for overdoing tasks. Our bodies have their own way of giving certain health signals. For example, fatigue cues us that we are already pushing ourselves too much.

Multitasking and overdoing things even if it is not needed can result in long-term stress and fatigue. Stress and fatigue can be your neck’s worst enemies. As you tense up, the tightness in your neck muscles can contribute to neck pain and stiffness. Also, when your neck muscles get tight due to severe fatigue, strong tension can pull on the bones in the upper neck. This can cause misalignment problems. Neck pain and other body issues may arise when the upper neck bones twist out of their original positions.

See a Top-Rated Neck Pain Chiropractor in Laguna Hills

Upper neck misalignment is one of the most overlooked causes of neck pain in the present time. This problem causes interference in the normal communication between the brain and the rest of your body parts. When left untreated, upper neck misalignments may disable you from enjoying a healthier life.

To determine if upper neck misalignment is the cause of your neck pain, contact Precision Spinal Care. We use a gentle and precise NUCCA chiropractic technique to help you regain your neck’s optimal health. Book a consultation with Dr. Hansen, our trusted neck pain chiropractor in Laguna Hills, by calling our office at (949) 215-4349. We look forward to hearing from you.

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